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The affiliate program is designed to reward those who help advertise Learn to Study the Bible products on their websites (facebook, myspace, blogs, etc.). You will receive 20% of the order total simply for linking to this website using your special code. Sign up using the form to the right.
 Affiliate Program
What is the Affiliate Program?
You partner with us by joining our Affiliate Program, become an Affiliate and add links from your site to ours. We process the orders, and you track your Affiliate link sales. You earn a to a 20% fee on merchandise sales you refer to There is no cost to be a part of this program. Sign up today!

How does the Affiliate Program work?
You make money by referring customers from your site to ours. It starts by creating links on your web site to using your personal affiliate link. Then visitors to your site click through your links and ultimately purchase products at We keep track of how much revenue you've generated, and we pay you a fee by check for merchandise sales on a monthly basis.

Is there any cost to becoming an Affiliate?
No. There are no costs associated with being a Affiliate.

Who keeps track of the sales generated by my site?
We update Affiliate sales information on a daily basis. You can log in to our Affiliate Area anytime and run your affiliate activity and/or sales reports to see your affiliate fee earnings. Keep in mind that orders are not credited for fee earnings until the products are in stock and shipped.

Can I keep track of how much I am earning?
Sure. You can log into the Affiliate Area anytime to track your earnings by going to the Activity Report.

Are there minimum affiliate fee amounts for a check to be issued?
Yes. Fees of $25 or more: Affiliate fee checks are paid on a monthly basis for all accounts with monthly fees of $25 or more. Fees of less than $25: For affiliates with monthly fees of less than $25, the fee payment will be carried forward to the next month’s pay period until such time as fees are $25 or more.
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