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Reviews From Readers

This is what the reader's of Learn to Study the Bible have been saying. Click here to add your review.

Full Name:   Rachel Byers
Date & Time:   4/7/2010 6
Review:   One thing I have learned while reading and studying the bible is that you need a style that works for you. Bible study time and the method you use must fit into your lifestyle. You need a routine that works and that routine can be established by applying the 40 methods in Andy Deane's new book ďLearn How to Study the Bible.Ē Andy's book is for anyone who has the desire to learn how read the bible with clarity and understanding. Bible scriptures are God inspired. It's very clear that Andy Deane had divine guidance as he wrote this book. After reading the article ďThrough the Valley of the Shadow of DeathĒ in which Andy described what happened to him during the September 11 terrorists attacks, itís not surprising that he would want to help others seek Godís face by studying His written word. One of the things he suggests in his book is that we ďMeditate on His word and how it applies to our life.Ē Like Andy, I believe that life application of Godís word is critical. God's word never changes and it applies as much to us today as it did to the Apostle Paul. Those whose lives are being dynamically impacted and changed by God are always involved with his Word. Unfortunately, some people don't read the bible because they just don't get it, they find it very difficult. Andy's new book offers a solution to bible study woes. His 40 methods offer us guidance on how to read and understand the written word.

Andy Deane believes in the power of prayer as he demonstrates in his life. In his new book Learn to Study the Bible, he gives us 6 ďPísĒ to follow, one of which is Pray It! You must pray to our Lord and Savior and ask that He reveal His word to you. Hosea 4:6 ďMy people will be destroyed by lack of knowledge." Donít let a "lack of knowledge" destroy you. Andy Deane's new book is a must read. Apply the bible study methods that work for you. His 40 methods remind me of a GPS system in that they will get you where we all want to go and that place is deeper into Godís word. The bible is Godís instruction manual for eternal life which is why I so readily accept and recommend Andy Deaneís new book. Learn how to get the most out of God's word and remember that knowledge is power.

Full Name:   Carol Crisafi
Date & Time:   12/8/2009
Review:   Iíve never purchased a book on how to study the bible because I thought I knew all of the methods. The major methods include: * Topical studies * Character studies * Word studies To my surprise, I found that this doesnít begin to scratch the surface of the different types of studies there are. Yes, there really are 40 different, viable study methods in this book and it doesnít even count the methods specifically for younger students. (five additional methods) Andyís book goes into great detail and gives a hand-written example of each method. Each method is designed to help you delve deeper into Godís Word; gleaning as much truth and understanding as possible. For me personally, since Iíve employed some of his methods and seen things I havenít seen before, it has caused me to reevaluate some erroneous beliefs I held. He does not give commentaries so he is not the reason for this reevaluation. It is because Iím looking at the bible more carefully using these methods. I highly recommend this book. It gets five stars.

Full Name:   Verlina
Date & Time:   12/2/2009
Review:   I am enjoying this because like Deane said, most books teach only one approach. Each person has a way that is easier to learn and study. And because there are some many types of scripture in the Bible (parables, letters, etc) they need to be studied in different ways. I plan on continuing using more of these methods throughout the month of January and will post a review in early January. I've found it hard in the past to find a non-messy way of studying the Bible. I am like so many Christian out there and my bookshelf is full of How To books... this one will replace them all. SERIOUSLY! I am taking these other books to the used book store! I will be highly recommending Learn to Study the Bible by Andy Deane to my local church body and the new Christians that I come in contact with.

Full Name:   John Bird
Date & Time:   11/20/2009
Review:   Is your Bible study ever dry? Do you get bogged down in your routine? If so, you might be interested in Andy Deaneís new book, Learn to Study the Bible. Learn to Study the Bible is divided into seven parts: The Foundations of Bible Study, Basic Bible Study Methods, Major Bible Study Methods, Creative Bible Study Methods, Studying Specific Passages, Study Methods for Younger Students, and Wrapping it All Up. All together, the author explains 40 different methods and gives neatly hand written examples of each. (Mrs. Deane did the hand writing, by the way.) The study methods run from traditional to unusually creative, but they all encourage reading prayerfully, slowly, repeatedly, and in context. The author is clear that fruitful study requires hard work: ďA half-hearted, indifferent attitude towards Godís Word will not yield very much. Itís only when you roll up your sleeves and get to work that you will discover the richness buried within the pages of Scripture.Ē Each method also emphasizes application: ďWhen it comes to obeying Godís Word, itís not the thought that countsÖ.If you havenít found an application, your time in the word is not finished.Ē I appreciate Andy Deaneís love for the Scriptures. He has a high view of the Bible, believing it to be the inspired Word of God. And he has a burden for others to share his view. His book is full of good ideas; I have dog-eared several pages that I hope to return to. More importantly, the book made me want to dig into the word with renewed diligence. Learn to Study the Bible would be most helpful for beginning Bible students. The author wrote it after working with the youth in his church. But all Bible students will find something helpful. Get it, read it, and apply it.

Full Name:
Date & Time:   11/2/2009
Review:   Reading level: probably older teens and adults, but with help could be used by younger students. Many families who homeschool for religious reasons include Bible study as part of their ďcore curriculum.Ē Some complete homeschool curricula include Bible study, but a lot of us prefer to do even our homeschool Bible study directly from the Bible itself. This book by Andy Deane, who serves as an associate minister on the staff at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in central New Jersey, is designed not only to encourage Bible study but also to help people learn how to study the Bible and to make Bible study interesting so that they will get more out of it. Following the introduction on the joy of Bible study, the first five chapters provide tips for profitable Bible study and give some general guidelines about determining what a passage says, what it means, and what it asks us to do. There follow forty more chapters with forty different Bible study methods. Andy says, ďThe hundreds of hours spent researching and experimenting with these forty methods will enable you to find one or more that will fit your goals and begin enhancing your understanding of Godís Word today.Ē Trying different methods will help one stay fresh in his approach to Godís Word, draw out spiritual truths from the Scriptures that he may have otherwise missed, and avoid the dryness that can sometimes creep into routines. Some of the chapters are basic study methods with simple ways for everyone to study the Word. Others are major study methods with time-tested approaches for those who want to go deeper. Still others are creative study methods that add variety to Bible study. There are chapters on studying specific kinds of passages, and even study methods suitable for younger students. The last two chapters have information on building a Bible reference library and some final thoughts. Of course, the principles found in this book would be beneficial for any private, individual Bible study, but I believe that they could well be used in homeschool Bible study also to give variety. It might be interesting to try one method for a few weeks, then move on to another, using several different ones over a period of time. And the application section of each chapter will guarantee that even the homeschool Bible study will result in more than just an academic exercise. The book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the Bible and for anyone who has the opportunity to teach the Bible to others.

Full Name:   Apex Reviews
Date & Time:   10/22/2009
Review:   Throughout the pages of Learn To Study The Bible, author and pastor Andy Deane provides the solution to the chief problem thatís plagued would-be Bible scholars for years: how do you tackle one of the most influential - yet often inaccessible - works in the history of the world in order to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and inspiration contained therein? Simple: by trying a broad range of different approaches. Deaneís informative volume doesnít provide one sure-fire way to study Biblical scripture - it offers several, including everything from performing writing exercises to creating minibooks to making graphs. Furthermore, Learn To Study The Bible contains helpful illustrations and study aids and is crafted in simple, straightforward language, adding to its appeal to readers of all ages, regardless of your particular learning style. (Read the Full Review)

Full Name:   Erika Tursi
Date & Time:   10/22/2009
Review:   I am always a little skeptical of methodological books, but I found that my apprehension was completely unfounded after reading Learn to Study the Bible. After reading and studying my Bible for almost 15 years, I must admit that I could use some fresh perspective in my approach. As a stay at home mom, my life is filled with distractions which includes scrambling to find QUIET time to spend with the Lord. When I do get time, I am thinking of the baby, dinner, and all the things I need to do. I read and then walk away, often forgetting what I just read. There are a few books out there on study methods, but really none like this. There are 40 really fun, easy methods to check out and use! The simple explanations and handwritten examples make it possible for anyone to apply these methods to their daily reading. It even offers opportunities to take your studies further with the more in depth methods. Grab a journal or notebook when you read God's Word, pick a study method, and you will be blessed at what the Holy Spirit shows you! Getting in the habit of WRITING down and digesting what you read will ensure you won't forget it when you walk away. The simple discipline of writing out what God shows me really cements His Truth in my mind. You will definitely find this book is a great tool to meditate upon His Word and dig into the treasures He has left for His children!

Full Name:   Midwest Book Review
Date & Time:   10/9/2009
Review:   The greatest religious thinkers didn't just distill what their preacher told them. They did their homework. "Learn to Study the Bible: 40 Different Step-by-Step Methods to Help You Discover, Apply, and Enjoy God's Word" is a guide for the thinking Christian who wants to enhance their faith through greater understanding of the work by studying the Bible themselves. Offering many methods to gain a better understanding of the scripture and how to apply it in life, "Learn to Study the Bible" is a must for any Christian who wants to be informed and armed with the knowledge of God's word.

Full Name:   Ravi Kumar Sharma
Date & Time:   10/9/2009
Review:   While searching the Net for Christian articles I came across website of Christian Messenger ( There I read 'Only the Holy Spirit can teach us the Scriptures' an interview of Andy Deane. He was simple & honest, not hesistant to give all credit to God, totally humble. This victory could have easily made him an "author" (someone now onto his next writing project) but Andy seemed to have decided to become servant (waiting for HIS next call). I truly appreciate his attitude. God, I like to believe, chose a writer for the book, Andy. He also knows the readers (count me one). I have just ready the sample chapter and I know that this book will soon be a bestseller.

Full Name:   Johanna Wood
Date & Time:   9/26/2009
Review:   This book is packed full of ways to make scripture study more interesting and insightful. Mr. Deane has assembled a wide variety of ways to approach scripture - from looking at entire books of scripture to focusing on one single verse. The forty different approaches mean that study doesn't become routine, and also suggests that there will be new ideas and inspiration to be gleaned each time a passage of scripture is studied from a new angle. For anyone who is wondering how best to ponder God's word, this book offers concrete suggestions for putting pencil to paper and mind to thought.

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