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Bonus Bible Study Articles

The Structure of the Bible

Understanding the flow and structure of the Bible is huge for proper study. It’s 66 book fit into two testaments and many different categories. The Old Testament focuses on the history of Israel and the promise of the coming Savior.

The 39 Old Testament Books Are Categorized As Follows:
  1. The Pentateuch (Genesis to Deuteronomy—5 Books)
  2. The History Of Israel (Joshua to Ester—12 Books)
  3. Poetical Books (Job to Song of Solomon—5 Books)
  4. Major Prophets (Isaiah to Daniel—5 Books)
  5. Minor Prophets (Hosea to Malachi—12 Books)
The major and minor prophets are not named to signify the importance of their message but to indicate the size of their writings. Also notice the interesting structure; There are both 17 historical books and 17 prophetical books. The historical books are further divided into sections of 5 books and then 12 books, as are the prophetical books. And then 5 Poetical books divide both sections.

After the completion of the Old Testament, there were four hundred years of silence, during which God did not speak, or inspire, any Scripture. That silence was broken by the arrival of John the Baptist announcing that the promised Savior had come. The new Testament records the rest of the story from the birth of Christ to the culmination of all history and the final eternal state; so the two testaments go from creation to consummation, eternity past to eternity future.

The 27 New Testament Books Are Categorized As Follows:
  1. Historical Books (Matthew to Acts—5 Books)
  2. Paul’s Letters to Churches (Romans to 2 Thessalonians—9 Books)
  3. Paul’s Letters to Individuals (1 Timothy to Philemon—4 Books)
  4. General Epistles to Churches (Hebrews to Jude—8 Books)
  5. Prophetical Book (Revelation—1 Book)
Knowing the structure helps you to put the pieces together.